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We know reaching out for help can be overwhelming and difficult. 

Our sessions, regardless of the type, take place in a relaxed environment.  


Whether you choose to have a session in our office space,

  from the comfort of your home (virtually), 

on local nature trails, or in our kitchen -  our therapists

are focused on maintaining an approachable 

environment for adults and children alike. 


We blend activity and play into sessions for that same reason. Our goal is to offer clients the opportunity to heal in creative ways.


Our practitioners use evidence-based strategies and theory to help clients of all ages cope with:

Anxiety and Mood Issues

Mental Health Concerns

Self-Esteem and Confidence

Relationship Issues

Grief, Loss & Life Changes

Child & Youth Issues

Parent Coaching & Attachment

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In Person, Online or Phone Sessions

Girl in the Woods

Walk-and-Talk Sessions
on local trails and parks

Icing Cake

Expressive Art Therapy Sessions


Our Mission

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 We are committed to providing creative therapeutic programming, combined with psychotherapy interventions and support.



Baking and being outside in nature, are great examples of everyday sensory mindfulness strategies.

Most everyone has access to a kitchen and/or the outdoors.


When trying to find emotion regulation strategies and build a toolkit, having practice using these practices both inside and outside of sessions is extremely helpful. 

- Courtney Fuciarelli,


Why Baking & Nature

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Counselling / Psychotherapy 

In-person isessions in our studio location, and Virtual sessions available.



$155-  60 min session including 10 minutes documentation


Begins at $165- 90 min session including 10 minutes documentation.

Covered by many third-party insurance providers (not directly billed)


Payment options include cash, credit card and etransfer. 

Nature-Based Walk and Talk Session

In-person guided forest walks using a "walk and talk" model.


Located within Hamilton, Ontario. These sessions are in public natural spaces and therefore 100% privacy cannot be guaranteed.


Weather dependant, these sessions require appropriate attire as physical activity is a component of the model.

$155 per 50 min session 


Covered by many third-party insurance providers (not directly billed)


Payment options include cash, credit card and etransfer. 

Broken Trunk

Expressive Art Therapy (Baking Therapy) Session

Therapeutic baking sessions take place using expressive art through baking activities.


This provides a way to both talking through struggles, while also practicing skills that help to change your life. 

Ingredients and materials will be provided during the session- $175- 185 per session (50-90 min)

Covered by many third-party insurance providers, not directly billed. 


Payment options include cash, credit card and etransfer.​ 

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